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Biomass energy


Biomass project:
China is the third largest consumer of dairy products in the world; however, the personal consumption is less than one-third of developed countries. The huge market demand provides great developing space of Chinese dairy industry. Currently the dairy population in China is about 13 million, and each dairy produces 55kg of waste every day, which will become a huge environmental disaster and seriously hinder the development of dairy industry. As a professional company, we have mastered the related technology and experience in treatment of livestock manure and other waste, furthermore, we cooperate with RCM International of USA to jointly provide Chinese farmers and government departments with comprehensive solution using the most advanced anaerobic digester technology for livestock and other waste treatment. The dairy manure and other waste from livestock and poultry, kitchen waste, plant stalks will be converted into clean bio-energy and organic fertilizers in our system, in this way the investment cost will be recovered efficiently. Our business model will fully enjoy the preferential policies and state subsidies, maximize the economic benefit, and truly achieve green circular economy and sustainable development.

RCM International of United States of America is a top one professional company specialized in providing comprehensive solution of manure treatment for large farm and livestock breeding base. In the past 30 years, it has built up hundreds of successful projects in US and other countries. All the completed projects are running stably, continuously bringing economic benefits for customers. As the exclusive agency of RCM in China, Beijing jianyan provides different technical solutions such Complete Mixing digester and plug-flow digester and so on for customers. In corporation with RCM, we provide comprehensive solutions and services including project analysis, equipment integration, construction and operation in accordance with customer’s condition and requirements. Dairy manure, food waste and other manure of livestock and poultry will be efficiently converted into electricity, liquefied natural gas, compressed natural gas and organic fertilizer through our anaerobic digester, which eliminates the impact of livestock waste to the environment, simultaneously make constant and huge economic benefits.

Authorization of exclusive representation for RCM digesters

RCM digester system process

In our system, dairy manure and other waste produces large amounts of methane after a long period of fermentation, generates powerful electricity through biogas generator, which will meet farm’s needs and will be sold to state grid. The waste heat of generator can be used for heating the digester and local areas.

In our system, plant seeds and harmful bacteria from livestock and poultry manure will be killed, fertilizer efficiency will be improved substantially. Fermented liquid (biogas slurry) in our system is superior liquid fertilizer that can improve soil quality and fertilizer efficiency greatly as well as increase the crop yield and quality. The famer will be benefited from the sales of organic fertilizer.

In our system, the fermented dairy manure is in a sterile condition. After solid-liquid separation, the solids fiber from dairy manure can be used of cowshed bedding after drying, which reduces the incidence of dairy and operating cost.

Our system will be operated under the conditions of low cost, no consumption, and high returns. It truly makes green economy and sustainable development and brings considerable economic benefits.