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Bussiness culture


   In the past 15 years, we went through hardships and challenges but never gave up. As the company grew, we developed our own values, management philosophy, code of conduct and corporate culture. Credit, creation, gratitude, and responsibility – they comprise our most valuable fortune.

Credit: Credit is the foundation for our development. For a person, credit means integrity; for a company, credit means intangible property. With credit, we win both market and customers.
Creation: Creation is the power for our development. It keeps driving our growth and enhancing our competitiveness. Without creation, a company is a pool of lifeless water. We have been striking new paths, making extraordinary accomplishments and building our own world.
Gratitude: People should be grateful for what they get. We always bear in mind our gratitude to our friends for their support and cooperation. We thank our employees for helping the company grow, while the employees feel grateful to the company for their personal development opportunities. Ultimately, we thank our customers for sustaining our living and growing.
Responsibility: Responsibility is a permanent part of our corporate ethics. For our career and customers, we always harbor a sense of responsibility and mission. We love our career and we are eager to shoulder responsibility. We are dedicated to the company, the society and our family.